(1/12/14)  We are no longer accepting applications, but we hope that this site will provide some helpful ideas to other pulpit committees! 

We will provide an update on our progress soon, but in the meantime you can read about our Pulpit Committee’s experience this year here.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of our church is to proclaim Christ so that lives are transformed and God is glorified.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision for our members is that we will vibrantly live the gospel as disciples who are maturing in Christ and equipped by the Spirit so that our world is transformed to the glory of God.

We believe that God desires us to be vibrantly living the gospel as disciples who are maturing and equipped so that our world is transformed.

We believe that Christ is the King of His Church and that He exercises his rule through His Word and through elders. We are convinced that individual believers in Jesus Christ are bound together in the Body of Christ, so local congregations should be bound together as a body.


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